Music > Fidjo Maguado

Composer: Jorge Monteiro
Performer: Cesária Évora
Language: CVC

Fidjo Maguado

Wounded Child

Nha terra bô ca ta imaginâ

My country you can't imagine

Tristéza k'mi bo fidjo m'ta sinti,

The sadness that I, your child, feel

Ora k'm t'odjob ta sofrê,

When I see you suffering,

Nha alma ka ta podê resisti.

My soul cannot bear it.

Ma m'tem fé na Nô S'nhor,

But I have faith in our Lord

K'ess tristeza di bô,

That your sadness,

Sofrimento profundo,

Profound suffering,

Que ca tem ôte na mundo,

Of which there is nothing else in the world,

El ta caba um dia

Will one day end

Pa nô sinti ligria

So that we may feel happiness

Pa nô podê vive

And that we may live

Sima tude gente ta crê.

As all people want to live.


(refrain, repeated after each stanza)

Lâ longe m'ta reza c'sentimento

Far away from you, I pray with emotion

De joêdjo m'ta pdi Deus c'amor

On my knees I ask God with love

Kê pal caba-bo k'ess sofrimento

That he deliver you from your suffering

Pa ligria dess povo sofredor.

For the joy of this suffering people.