Music > Sum of Me: Un Poku di Tude

Composer: Candida Rose
Lyricist: Everett Hoagland
Performer: Candida Rose
Language: English and CVC

Sum of Me: Un Poku di Tude

A Little of All

You ask about me and my people. Me?


You can say as has been said and read in famous poetry:


"I am a part of all I have met." [Tennyson] My people? Who


do you mean? Descendants of


The People who


were forcibly brought by sea from coastal Africa


to Cape Verde as slaves when the islands were




unknown to most of humankind?


Or from enslaving, colonizing Portugal,


or from Moorish Arabia, or Judea,


or all the world's ports-of-call?




Maybe someone a lot like you?


They are all parts of me and I am part of them,




(Un Poku di Tude)


The People who


make my folk music, my sea-blue mornas,


my jazz, my gospel, my world music, and pop,




Singers, musicians, music lovers of every hue?


Maybe someone like you?


They are parts of me and I am a part of them,




(Un Poku di Tude)


The People who


keep on going no matter what, make do


and do without? Church-going


people who


"make a joyful noise until The Lord" on Sundays


with a gospel shout and holler out "Amen!"?


Maybe, my friend, someone somewhat like you.


The People


who, like most, before they stand and sing


hymns to Him under their church steeple


Sunday mornings, just might like some loving


deep into Saturday night.


Oh, yes, I am one of them and they are one in


me, too.


(Un Poku di Tude)


My people? Do you mean family? We


who were or are a sister or brother,


a beloved father or mother? Or one of


our many Manny's or other cousins


by the dozens? We are one


another most particularly.


The People who


like blue, as I do, or red.


or green, or whatever? People


who like summer warmth and fair weather? Who


do you mean? Do you mean to exclude or include? I


haven't a clue.


All I know is nos crioulos [we Creoles]


are ALL that and much more,




(Un Poku di Tude)