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Poem entitled "Kretxeu" from book of poems by Kaká Barboza (Carlos Alberto Barbosa)

Short story entitled "O Cacho de Dendém" from book of short stories by Fátima Bettencourt

Short story entitled "Conto No. 11" from a collection of short stories by G. T. Didial (João Manuel Varela)

Poem entitled "O poema primordial" by Vera Duarte

Poem entitled " hesperitanas " from book of poems by Filinto Elísio

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Poem entitled "Mulheres" from collection of poetry by Arménio Vieira

Artwork by Fátima Almeida

Artwork by Nela Barbosa

Artwork by Bela Duarte

Artwork by David Levy Lima

Artwork by Leão Lopes

Artwork by Misá

Artwork by Paulo Rosa


Piece: Poem entitled "hesperitanas" from book of poems

Author: Filinto Elísio

Book title: Do Lado de Cá da Rosa

Publisher: Instituto Caboverdiano do Livro e do Disco

City: Praia, Santiago, Cape Verde

Year: 1995

Translated from Portuguese into English by: Lyle Prescott

Author biography

Filinto Elísio is a native of Santiago island. He received a degree in Information Sciences in Brazil and taught Mathematics in United States bilingual education programs for a number of years. He is an important figure in the Pró-Cultura movement and has published both poetry and fiction. Other publications include: O Inferno do Riso and O Prato do Dia.

Translator biography

Lyle Prescott is a certified Portuguese-English translator. She has worked as a journalist in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and as a writer and editor at a nature magazine in Washington, D.C. Since 2004 she has worked as a translator specializing in natural sciences and is currently translating a textbook on limnology (freshwater ecology). She also translates between Spanish and English.