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Poem entitled "Kretxeu" from book of poems by Kaká Barboza (Carlos Alberto Barbosa)

Short story entitled "O Cacho de Dendém" from book of short stories by Fátima Bettencourt

Short story entitled "Conto No. 11" from a collection of short stories by G. T. Didial (João Manuel Varela)

Poem entitled "O poema primordial" by Vera Duarte

Poem entitled " hesperitanas " from book of poems by Filinto Elísio

Poem entitled "À Cidade da Praia" by Jorge Carlos Fonseca

Poem entitled "Raízes" by José Luís Hopffer Almada

Poem entitled "3 pedaços despenhados de Deus e o amor" and poem entitled "nu de portinari" by Oswaldo Osório

Short story entitled "Liberdade Adiada" from book of short stories by Dina Salústio

Short story/fable from collection of short stories by Tomé Varela da Silva

Short story entitled "VI" from collection of short stories by Mário Lúcio Sousa

Poem entitled "Crítica da Razão Poética" by José Luiz Tavares

Poem entitled "Bati com a Porta atrás de mim" from a collection of poems by Valentinous Velhinho

Poem entitled "Mulheres" from collection of poetry by Arménio Vieira

Artwork by Fátima Almeida

Artwork by Nela Barbosa

Artwork by Bela Duarte

Artwork by David Levy Lima

Artwork by Leão Lopes

Artwork by Misá

Artwork by Paulo Rosa


Piece: Poem entitled "Kretxeu" from book of poems

Author: Kaká Barboza (Carlos Alberto Barbosa)

Book Title: Son di ViraSon

Publisher: Spleen-Edições

City: Praia, Santiago, Cape Verde

Year: 1996

Translated from CVC into English by: Manuel da Luz Gonçalves

Author biography

Kaká Barboza, storyteller, poet, musician, and representative to Parliament, is a well-known public personality throughout Cape Verde. A native of Santiago Island, his work celebrates rural Santiagoan musical and linguistic traditions. He writes primarily in Cape Verdean Creole. Other publications include: Vinti Xintidu letradu na Kriolu and Chão Terra Maiamo.

Translator biography

Manuel da Luz Gonçalves is an educator, professor, counselor, community advocate and poet. He has lectured on Cape Verdean culture and language both nationally and internationally, and has worked as an interpreter and consultant for Cape Verdean folk festivals in the United States. Gonçalves has taught Kriolu (Cape Verdean Creole) at Boston University, Rhode Island College, and the Dorchester Center for Adult Education to Boston scholars, residents, and business professionals in the area. He is the President and co-founder of the Capeverdean Creole Institute, a Massachusetts-based organization devoted to the promotion of the Cape Verdean language.