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Poem entitled "Kretxeu" from book of poems by Kaká Barboza (Carlos Alberto Barbosa)

Short story entitled "O Cacho de Dendém" from book of short stories by Fátima Bettencourt

Short story entitled "Conto No. 11" from a collection of short stories by G. T. Didial (João Manuel Varela)

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Poem entitled "Bati com a Porta atrás de mim" from a collection of poems by Valentinous Velhinho

Poem entitled "Mulheres" from collection of poetry by Arménio Vieira

Artwork by Fátima Almeida

Artwork by Nela Barbosa

Artwork by Bela Duarte

Artwork by David Levy Lima

Artwork by Leão Lopes

Artwork by Misá

Artwork by Paulo Rosa


Piece: Poem entitled "Mulheres" from collection of poetry

Author: Arménio Vieira

Book title: MITOgrafias

Publisher: Ilhéu Editora

City: Mindelo, São Vicente, Cape Verde

Year: 2005

Translated from Portuguese into English by: Russell Hamilton

Author biography

Arménio Vieira worked formerly as a meteorologist, journalist, and teacher. He is considered a pioneering Cape Verdean poet for his romantic and satirical work and has published widely in Cape Verde and abroad. In 2009, he was awarded the prestigious Camões Prize. Other publications include: O Eleito do Sol, No Inferno, and Poemas.

Translator biography

Russell G. Hamilton is Professor Emeritus of Spanish and Portuguese at Vanderbilt University specializing in Lusophone African and Brazilian literatures and culture. Hamilton is the author of the books Voices from an Empire: A History of Afro-Portuguese Literature and Literatura Africana, Literatura Necessária (African literature, Necessary Literature), as well as several book chapters, numerous articles and essays published in scholarly journals, most recently "Chronicling from the Center of the Periphery: Estórias Contadas [Tales Told] by Germano Almeida. Although officially retired, Hamilton continues to pursue his research interests in Portugal, Mozambique, Brazil, and Cape Verde. In the near future he plans to write a personal memoir.