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Artwork by Fátima Almeida

Artwork by Nela Barbosa

Artwork by Bela Duarte

Artwork by David Levy Lima

Artwork by Leão Lopes

Artwork by Misá

Artwork by Paulo Rosa


Piece: Poem entitled "Raízes"

Author: José Luís Hopffer Almada

Book title: Á Sombra do Sol, vol. I

Publisher: Spleen Edições

City: Praia, Santiago, Cape Verde

Year: 1990 (poem revised by the author for Transition in 2008)

Translated from the Portuguese into English by: Carla Martin and Inês Brito

Author biography

A native of the island of Santiago, José Luís Hopffer Almada studied Law at Karl Marx University in Germany. He served as Director of the Cabinet of Juridical Issues and Legislation in Cape Verde's government and in the National Institution of Investigation and Cultural Patrimony. He also played an important role in the founding of the Pró-Cultura Movement, of the magazine Fragmentos, and of the editing house Spleen Edições. An exceptional scholar and author, he has written numerous critical essays, with an ever-growing interest in contemporary Cape Verdean work. He currently resides in Portugal. Other publications include: Assomada Nocturna and Mirabilis de Veias ao Sol: Antologia dos Novíssimos Poetas Cabo-verdianos.

Translator biographies

Carla Martin, a Massachusetts native, is a doctoral candidate in Harvard University's Department of African and African American Studies in the discipline of social anthropology, with a secondary field in ethnomusicology. For several years, she has worked with Cape Verdean communities in Africa, Europe, and the United States on a variety of research and social engagement projects. She is currently writing her dissertation on the intersection of sociolinguistic and musical practices in Cape Verde and the Cape Verdean Diaspora. She received an A.M. in Anthropology in 2007 and an A.B. in Anthropology in 2003, both from Harvard University.

Inês Brito, a native of the island of Fogo, Cape Verde, holds advanced degrees from universities in Cape Verde, Portugal, and the United States in the areas of education, literature, and linguistics. She currently works as a literacy instructor in the Boston Public Schools and teaches Cape Verdean Creole at Harvard University. She has served as a committee member in the development of ALUPEC, the standardized orthography for Cape Verdean Creole, and has played an integral role as a consultant, employee, and volunteer with numerous Cape Verdean political, social, and educational organizations.